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If you are a first-time buyer of handmade furniture, here are some things to think about:

When I design a piece of furniture, I like to know where the piece is going in the client's home and what the other furnishings are like. The new piece should be a good neighbor. I will review my portfolio with you and discuss what elements might work well in the commissioned piece.

I am also interested in reviewing photos or articles that you may have collected of work that was attractive to you. In this manner, we can arrive at an initial design concept that reflects your style and taste. At this stage, I will prepare a drawing or model for your consideration. I will also show you samples of the principal materials involved, and give you a firm price.

In consultation with you, any necessary changes in concept or details can be worked out at this stage. Once you have given your approval, I will ask you to sign a simple agreement that describes the commission, set forth the price and terms of payment, an estimated delivery date, and applicable warranties.

I am committed to working within a client's budget. Adjustments can often be made in design or materials to accommodate individual needs. Most of my pieces are competitive with the prices offered in high-end furniture and department stores.

By commissioning a piece, you will acquire a one-of-a-kind creation, embodying the finest materials and workmanship, all for a reasonable price.

Barry Live